5 Million Green Jobs(TM) Scores Big with .ECO®


.ECO® is an incontestable trademark owned by planet.ECO LLC, the leading applicant for the registry operation of the .ECO Internet Top Level Domain.

.ECO domains will be globally available to companies, governments, and consumers that want to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the natural resources of life sustaining earth. The “ECO” Top Level Domain has been described as the environmental “.com”.

The mission of planet.ECO® is to be the next wave of consciousness by facilitating care into actions that protect the environment and combat climate change, while supporting economic and social prosperity.

5 Million Green Jobs(TM) – http://www.5MillionGreenJobs.com (5MGJ) is a website connecting users to help provide or find goods and career related services. 5MGJ’s focus includes the promotion of environmental workforce acquisition and development; along with environmental and investment services that promote sustainability and will help make the United States a leader in combating climate change.

According to a recent article by Emily Peiffer (9/17/2015) in Construction Dive, the green building industry will account for more than one third of jobs in the nation’s construction industry – 3.3 Million and $190.3 Billion worth of labor earnings by 2018. Between 2015 and 2018, green building will contribute $303.5 Billion to the country’s gross domestic product, according to the 2015 study (Building Economic Impact Study – prepared by Booz Allen for the U.S. Green Building Council).

The President of 5 Million Green Jobs(TM) announced, “We are excited about this alliance as we envision it being one of the fastest growing informational portals, providing users information and resources to further enhance the capabilities of our joint efforts to foster positive change. With this alliance, 5 Million Green Jobs(TM) and .ECO® will be undisputed leaders, providing a global platform, to help save the planet and enhance the quality of life environmentally for future generations. From Pope Francis, to world leaders, to everyday people we are all being called upon to do something about climate change and look forward to being part of the solution.”

About planet.ECO LLC
planet.ECO LLC, the owner and registrant of .ECO®, has a humanitarian mission to connect people, communities and organizations to advance the ECOlogical sustainability of the planet. The .ECO® team is creating an Internet communication platform which will allow users to transform their passion for caring into action that promote sustainability to help save our planet. planet.ECO®’s “.ECOnide Give Back Program” provides 5% of pre-tax operating costs to environmentally conscious organizations and causes.

About .ECO®
ECO® is the exclusive U.S registered trademark of planet.ECO LLC.

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