Banff, Alberta’s Commitment to Zero Waste



Banff, Alberta is a popular tourist destination located in Banff National Park in Canada. People can enjoy the area year-round, skiing at three world-class ski resorts in the winter and hiking 1600 kilometers of trails in the summer. Banff is known for its vibrant lakes, majestic mountains, and diverse range of wildlife, including 260 species of birds, grizzly and black bears, moose, elk, wolves, and cougars. To preserve the area and its unique features, the town has implemented a number of initiatives that encourage businesses and residents to reduce their waste and become more sustainable. These initiatives include the Zero Waste Trail, the Re-Use-It Centre, the Library of Things, the Banff Food Rescue, the Banff Isn’t Disposable program, the Sports Equipment Lending Program, and exploring ways to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Through these efforts, the town of Banff is working to create a circular economy and reduce their waste to zero by 2050. Doing so will help preserve the beauty of Banff for years to come.

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