Reasons to Be Hopeful this International Polar Bear Day: a Future for Children and Cubs



On International Polar Bear Day, Polar Bears International celebrates the hard-working polar bear moms and their cubs across the Arctic. Three short films filmed in the snowy, mountainous terrain of Svalbard, Norway, will make the Arctic feel a bit closer. Polar bear cubs have a vulnerable start to life and only half of them survive to adulthood, so Polar Bears International is leading research to learn more about their early years and help protect families. They have also partnered with organizations like Students on Ice and Connected North to spread climate education and have trained 186 professionals on the most effective ways to communicate about polar bears, sea ice, and climate change. People can take part in the “Survive to 5 Challenge” to help the cubs, become an advocate for the Arctic, spread polar bear love, and enjoy the Northern Lights Live Cam. These efforts will help create a better future for polar bear cubs.

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