Hannover, Marburg: German mayors on why they’re climate activists (some of) what they want


Across Germany, cities are striking deals with climate activist group Last Generation to avoid their roads from being blocked by protests. Last Generation is known for their civil disobedience tactics, such as gluing themselves to the roads. The group’s demands vary when it comes to local mayors versus the German government, who can actually change laws and legislations. In response, mayors such as Belit Onay in Hannover and Thomas Spies in Marburg have both written letters to senior German lawmakers, agreeing to some of Last Generation’s demands and calling for speed limits on highways and a nationwide €9 public transport ticket. This has been met with criticism by some, as they feel this is essentially blackmailing the mayors. However, Last Generation believes this is a step in the right direction in creating the collective action needed to tackle climate change.

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