York Minster cathedral is set to install solar panels on its roof. - Copyright Canva

York Minister, Pompeii, the Vatican: How heritage sites are discreetly making solar power


York Minster, a 1,386-year-old gothic-style medieval cathedral in the UK, is set to install 199 photovoltaic (PV) tiles on the roof of the South Quire Aisle. The tiles will generate 75,000 KwH of power annually, enough electricity for 25 average UK households. Any surplus energy will be stored in underground batteries and used to power the cathedral’s evening services and events. York Minster is leading the way in decarbonisation and setting a new precedent for other heritage organisations to follow. Other UK cathedrals, such as Gloucester Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral, and Chester Cathedral have also installed solar panels in recent years. Solar panels have also been installed at other historic sites, such as Pompeii, the Vatican, and the Reichstag Building. These panels help to reduce electricity costs and reduce emissions.

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