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    Empowering our shared environmental commitment.

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    .ECO® licensing

    planet .ECO® Licensed Brands secure the unique ability to create, market and build their .ECO® brand.

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    Find a domain name that best represents your mission and vision. We offer a full range of domain extensions and purchase options.

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    .ECO® branding

    We believe that when you have a cohesive brand, your customers, clients and members will experience the full value of your .ECO® Licensed Brand.


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.ECO® Licensing

A planet .ECO® license empowers brands, as the mark represents both their commitment to our shared environment and the significant efforts taken to offer environmentally sustainable products.


We offer a full spectrum of domain name related services that will empower your mission, including:
domain registration
website builder
website security
database management

.ECO® Branding

Our .ECO® Campaign Masters LOVE designing & creating marketing collateral that energizes your campaigns. Let .ECO® develop and manage campaigns that drive your brand awareness and value.

.ECO® Friendly Verified™

As a planet .ECO® Friendly Verified™ Brand, your organization will create a significant competitive advantage by enhancing its eco-friendly corporate image and clearly demonstrate its commitment to our shared environment.

.ECO® Technology

planet .ECO® - powered data drives value through transparency, process efficiency and the ability to measure sustainability impact (Blockchain, Internet of Things | IOT and more).

.ECO® Advocacy

The Official .ECO® Community hosts open and transparent engagement between Consumer Brands and Environmental Sustainability Advocates across myriad channels.

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Leading eco-sustainability

.ECO® empowers digital eco like no other product or service available to socially-conscious organizations today.

Your license to succeed

The .ECO® License offers your organization the licensed ability to move from a simple domain, to a sustainability-focused and community & advocacy engaged brand. No other licensed mark represents your commitment to our shared environment across all digital mediums like .ECO®, as we have built a suite of services upon Intellectual Property that covers the spectrum of all things digital eco.

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Charles Davis
Dorian Brown
Jesse Williams
Ming-Na Wen
Megan Hayes
Nia Long
Maurice Lamarche
Rob Steinberg
By The Numbers

Driven By Consumer Demand

Source: Nielsen Product Insider, Powered by Label Insights, Week ending 10/20/2018, Projections based on 3 and 2 year CAGR.

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"Nearly half (48%) of U.S. consumers say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. And these consumers are putting their dollars where their values are, spending $128.5 billion on sustainable fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products this year*. Since 2014, these influential shoppers have grown sustainable product sales by nearly 20%, with a compound average growth rate (CAGR) that’s four times larger than conventional products (3.5% vs -1.0%** comparatively). By 2021, we expect these sustainably minded shoppers to spend up to $150 billion on sustainable FMCG goods an increase of $14 billion – $22 billion."

By The Numbers

Our Stories & News

Discover how consumers, brands and advocates are advancing sustainability solutions globally.

5 Million Green Jobs(TM) Scores Big with .ECO®
5 Million Green Jobs(TM) Scores Big with .ECO®

.ECO® is an incontestable trademark owned by planet.ECO LLC, the leading applicant for the registry operation of the...

.ECO Founders Thrilled by U.S Approval
.ECO Founders Thrilled by U.S Approval

STAMFORD, Conn., December 22, 2020 (.ECO®) – In the same week that President-elect Joe Biden announced his environmental...

.ECO® Brand Unites Those Committed to Fighting Climate Change
.ECO® Brand Unites Those Committed to Fighting Climate Change

The time is now. planet .ECO® affirms that environmental justice is social justice and is illustrating that belief...

Investing in sustainability

The Official .ECOnide Giveback Program

We believe in the power of investing in our shared environment. Together, we can accomplish all that we envision for communities that rely upon our good stewardship.

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