Car-free future: Europe’s longest cycle tunnel aims to cut traffic in this Norwegian city


Norway’s Bergen is set to open the world’s longest purpose-built pedestrian and bicycle tunnel on 15 April 2023. The 2.9km tunnel, known as the Fyllingsdalstunnelen, will cut through the Løvstakken mountain and link the residential areas of Fyllingsdalen and Mindemyren. It takes 10 minutes to cycle through and 30-45 minutes to walk through, while the total distance from Fyllingsdalen to Festplassen in the city center is 7.8km – a journey that takes 25 minutes by bike. It is the second longest tunnel overall and the longest built for purpose, and is supported by government investment. The tunnel doubles as an escape route for train passengers, and features rest stops, security cameras, emergency phones, dynamic lighting and artwork. It will be open from 5.30am to 11.30pm daily, with the opening ceremony marked by a tunnel race and bicycle parade.

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