Padangtegal Bali

Leading the Way in Waste Management: Padangtegal Village, Bali


A Shocking Contrast in Bali

In December 2017, amidst the monsoon season, my family and I were embraced by Bali’s warmth and hospitality. Yet, the overwhelming sight of beaches cluttered with plastic waste dampened our experience. The majority of this waste was transported by the torrential rains from nearby hills, a testament to inadequate waste management in most parts of Bali. This heart-wrenching sight fueled my motivation to launch Happy Eco News.

The Zero-Waste Vision of Padangtegal Village

Established in 2015 under the visionary leadership of resident I Made Subrata, the zero-waste policy of Padangtegal Village is a beacon of hope. His faith was rooted in the principle that a few strategic changes could make a world of difference.

Implementing the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Padangtegal’s waste management doesn’t just stop at a vision. It’s their way of life:

  • No Single-Use Plastics: The village challenges the norm by banning single-use plastics. Instead, villagers are reminded to carry reusable bags.
  • Recycling Initiatives: From plastic to metal, the village boasts a plethora of recycling programs available to every resident.
  • Composting: With a robust composting system, food waste is transformed into valuable compost for gardens and crops.
  • Education Matters: The village actively invests in educational programs, ensuring that everyone, from children to adults, understands the importance of waste reduction. Activities range from recycling workshops to composting lessons.

The results speak for themselves. By 2018, only 5% of their waste found its way to landfills, a stark contrast to the national average of 70%. Moreover, this initiative has sparked job opportunities and invigorated the local economy.

Inspiring Change Beyond Borders

The achievements of Padangtegal Village are creating ripples across Bali and the globe. The message is clear: zero waste is attainable through education, community involvement, and progressive waste management.

Numerous villages in Bali are now echoing Padangtegal’s commitment:

  • Tegaltirto Village: Located in Gianyar Regency and home to 5,000 people, they’ve embraced zero waste since 2018.
  • Seseh Village: Nestled in the Canggu subdistrict, this 10,000-strong community has been waste-conscious since 2019.
  • Sawan Village: Another gem from Gianyar Regency, its 7,000 inhabitants have been practicing zero waste from 2020 onwards.

These success stories reaffirm the effectiveness of combining education, community participation, and avant-garde waste management. They also provide inspiration for other communities to jump on the zero-waste bandwagon.

A Hopeful Future for Bali and Beyond

My dream is to return to a Bali where the sustainable blueprint of Padangtegal Village is the norm, not only across the island but also extending its influence across Indonesia. Some ideas, when their time comes, proliferate effortlessly, and this transformative vision seems poised to reshape waste management universally.

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